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There is a problem both inside and outside the Church today. We face the loss of the sense of the sacred and reverence for the Divine. That reality presents an amazing opportunity for the Scotland Music Collective.

In our busy, lost and confused culture, people from around the globe hunger for deep meaning, for the timeless, for the transcendent. They hunger for the presence of God.

By connecting the highest quality of learned, experienced musicians, composers, singers, songwriters, engineers, and artists of today, with the next generation of Christian artists, The Scotland Music Collective can be a part of a reformational renaissance within the Church.

By preparing the leaders of tomorrow, we are positioned to fulfill a unique mission of opening a door for many to the beauty to God.

Toward that end, we will provide an educational platform, a Christ centered environment and training through the best in Christian music, to light the fire of renewal and bring glory to God through the students and professionals of the Scotland Music Collective.

Our Approach:

The approach for this world changing Music Program, is to have both ‘on campus ‘and ‘virtual classes ‘ with some of the best artists, musicians, engineers, and studios Nashville has to offer, in conjunction with the resources we will have at the Scotland Campus.

Just as the Scotland Campus has made a name for itself in preparatory sports education, we are equally devoted to bringing excellence to the field of music education, which in turn will impact the kingdom values we strive to inculcate in the culture of the school and ethos of the student.

With an incredible music program the SMC seeks to become the preeminent institution in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast part of the county.

We are balanced in our approach to all areas regarding the Music Artist, Songwriting, Worship Leaders and training for your church’s Worship Programs.

Balance: Stability produced by even distribution of weight on each side of the vertical axis.

: an aesthetically pleasing integration of elements.

: physical equilibrium.

Who is a Fit for SMC?

We seek spiritually minded students who join us because of their quest for excellence in and passion for spiritual engagement with Ministry and Music.

We seek students passionately discovering and pursuing the dreams God has planted in their hearts. We seek students committed to serving and ministering with their gifts and talents around the world, who can bloom and bear fruit wherever God plants them.

We seek students who desire to be a part of something new, exciting, and aggressively pushing the boundaries of the norms, in order to break through to the hearts of the people longing for an authentic connection with God.

Our Core Vision:

Global impact of the highest caliber through penetrating culture with the good news of Jesus Christ through music, worship, the arts and artists dedicated to serving Christ.

Life Lessons:

The global pandemic has changed the landscape of “normal”.  As a result, YouTube has gone up 30% from kids being home, and Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, and Pandora are keeping the world together in the mysterious way in which music connects us, calms and soothes hearts.

We recognize and affirm this ministry as a God-ordained venture and rejoice that God has brought this ministry to serve at Scotland Campus as a fellow-laborer in this ministry.

We mutually commit to structuring the ministry for the best possible, highest quality, ministry impact possible.

Billy Smiley

Billy Smiley

Director of the Scotland Music Collective

5 Grammy Award Nominee, 27 Dove Award Nominee, GMA Song Writer of the Year 1988, WhiteHeart was inducted into the Christian Music Hall of Fame 2010



Billy Smiley began his career as a performer and producer for Bill Gaither, where he produced the 1st 4 Gaither Vocal band albums selling more than 2 million units. Out of his relationships there he formed the Grammy nominated Rock Group White Heart with guitar player/producer Dann Huff (Rascal Flatts, Faith Hill, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban).

WhiteHeart went on to tour worldwide through 1998, selling over 3 million records, with 17 #1 Singles, 2 Grammy nominations, and 23 Dove nominations. Producing over 200 albums, and 30 No. 1 songs, Smiley has 5 Grammy Nominations, one of them producing the 1989 Grammy nominated song “Silent Night”, recorded by BeBe & CeCe Winans. As a songwriter he has co-written 28 no. 1 songs, over 50 top 10 songs, all the while writing for Capitol Christian Publishing, Word Publishing, Curb Records, Sony/BMG publishing, and his own company Meet You Halfway Music.

He helped discover, develop, produce, and write for such artists as: Petra, The Newsboys, Maggie Amini, The Normals, Johnny Cash, Susan Ashton, Logan Alexandra, Larysa Jaye, Steven Curtis Chapman, The Insyderz, Clay Aikens, KC Johns, and Charity Von to name a few.

2019 saw Smiley form his new company, the Music City Collective,

Music City Collective

with 4 labels under the parent umbrella:

Devotion Music

Southern Skye Records

Cul De Sac Records

Shadow Land Music

and a studio-based Production Company at Sound Kitchen Studiosin Franklin,

Sound Kitchen

He established a major distribution partner with Sony (The Orchard) Distribution.

SMC Online

Our students can also engage the world through our online programs – online church, and online music, as well as the online educational school to expand our reach and make SMC a true melting pot of spiritual, creative thinking, changing and affecting lives in the global arena.