Scotland Campus is like no other place in the world. SC is a unique, multi-dimensional, international Christian community for education, sports, and global outreach. Our mission is world impact from an unapologetically historically rooted Christian point of view. We are committed to shaping the next generations with an unqualified commitment to historic, orthodox positions on the essential doctrines of the faith. Biblical values, properly integrated into life, faithfully observed, and systematically applied to learning and the pursuit of excellence, help guide the formation of a virtuous life. We are a “Great Commission” organization, devoted to implementing the directives of Jesus Christ.

Scotland Campus is not moved to adopt social causes as central to our operation. Our culture maintains the preeminence of historical Christianity, the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the centrality of the Word, and the cause of Christ and the great commandments. They serve as cultural predicates. We refuse to become embroiled in the ever-swaying wind of cultural acceptability or popularity. Biblical values, historically held and doctrinally sound, form our reference point. The cultural vernacular of the day, however communicated and seemingly justifiable by current cultural standards, are filtered through the lens of a Christian world view.

Regardless of the political and social climate, Scotland Campus will remain steadfast to the faith and to the mission through which faith is brought to bear upon our learning environment. A proper structure and a clear set of expectations aid in establishing a framework from which quality may flourish.

We execute on that commitment in the classroom, in our coaching, and support staffing which reinforces the desired campus culture and ensures success in our mission, vision and values. We develop critical thinking skills, hone athleticism and most importantly, form a solid foundation upon which a virtuous life is built. At Scotland Campus, we learn how to shape culture through Scriptural wisdom, applied with vigorous integration into the ethos of our students, over and above the ever-shifting trends of culture. We are committed to education that leads to the mastery of a rational command of competencies applied to each subject of study.

We recognize that strong values are forged in the crucible of challenge. Challenges are a normal part of the development of the person and an institution. The spirit of innovation is a constant at Scotland Campus. Mediocrity is overcome by a deeply rooted motivation to produce excellence in every endeavor. We believe that honor, integrity, service, resolve, tenacity, esprit de corps, and self-discipline are critical to the developmental learning process. In the end, all of what we do at Scotland Campus is designed to aid students in finding their purpose in life and to bring glory to God. The core of our identity is found in the tenants of the historical, biblical Christian faith and precepts that undergird our practice. Welcome to Scotland Campus.

The Unique Approach of Private Education at Scotland Campus


1. Civil Discourse

Scotland Campus is a Christian educational endeavor. As such, the basis for a solid academic approach to a subjects, is formed by a commitment to a learning process that promotes reason, and the rational exploration of ideas within the developmental framework of civil discourse.

2. Critical Thinking

The aim of our approach is to hone and train the mind in critical thinking skills, and apply them to each academic discipline, which will in turn, foster greater comprehension relevant to the subject under study.

3. Biblical Worldview

Scotland Campus is not a secular institution. It is a private, Christian academy. We promote only Christian worship, to the exclusion of other religious practices. That is not to say that we cannot and will not engage in learning of other faith practices. Just the opposite. The integrity of our world view will face the same intellectual rigor, scrutiny and examination as other faiths. Our objective is to establish in the minds and hearts of our students, that the Christian faith grasped appropriately, supported by reason and sound argumentation, acted upon in faith, need not fear opposing views. Rather, it offers the best promise for a virtuous, God honoring life.

The ultimate filter for the academy is a Christian world view that is consistent with sound biblical principles and foundational concepts on morals and mores and doctrines, which have guided the best in humanity through the ages.

4. The Freedom to Learn.

The educational arena is not the place for ideological, social, cultural demands or expectations that attempt to silence discussion on subjects.

5. Mining Ideas.

The essence of a sound education is the exploration of ideas. It is the proper environment in which ideas can be discussed, nurtured, and rise or fall on the strengths of their merit.

6. Teachers

Teaching is a key role in developing healthy society and creating citizens that contribute to the betterment of mankind. It is an age old and highly honored tradition. It is not to be entered into as a last option, but rather as a front line variable in creating the best social fabric for virtuous living.

The responsibility for managing the age appropriate subject matter and dialogue, rests with the front line instructor. While curriculum will be closely monitored to ensure appropriate standards are achieved, the teacher, and the expertise they bring to a subject is central to our approach. It is our expectation that the stated outcomes and objectives of any given course, be designed to benefit the student’s command over any given subject matter.

7. The Student

Not all students learn the same way. Yet all students can learn. The student’s desire and discipline is as much a factor in their success as the method of instruction.

Part of the learning process rests solely with the student’s resolve, self discipline and personal responsibility though which they achieve academic success.

Faculty, staff, coaches, students and parents must act together to advance the best possible outcome for each student.

8. Fit

Being a part of Scotland Campus, is a privilege. That privilege comes with a cost, both in terms of financial investment, commitment to the process, obedience to required actions, activities, instruction, behavior and conduct that the students, parents, and employees assume as a part of the academy culture. Some will not fit within the parameters of our academic approach, structure, rules, faith or philosophy. In such cases a more suitable alternative to Scotland Campus may be a better option.

9. Respect

Scotland Campus expects all parties to conduct themselves respectfully. It is an expectation that civil discussion be the norm, at all levels of operation, from student teacher discussion to parent/teacher relationships and administrative personnel.