President’s Welcome

Welcome to Scotland Campus. It is like no other place in the world. At Scotland, we are a unique, multi-dimensional, international Christian community for education, sports, and global reach. Our mission is world impact from an unapologetically Christian point of view. We are committed to shaping the next generations with an unqualified commitment to historic, orthodox positions on the essential doctrines of the faith.

We execute on that commitment in the classroom, in our coaching, and with a campus culture that reinforces our mission, vision and values. We develop critical thinking skills, hone athleticism and most importantly, form a solid foundation upon which a virtuous life is built. At Scotland Campus, we learn how to shape culture through Scriptural wisdom, applied with vigorous integration into the ethos of our students, over and above the ever shifting trends of culture. We are committed to education that leads to the mastery of a rational command of competencies applied to each subject of study.

We recognize that strong values are forged in the crucible of challenge. The spirit of innovation is a constant at Scotland Campus. Mediocrity is overcome by a deeply rooted motivation to produce excellence in every endeavor. We believe that honor, integrity, service, resolve, tenacity, esprit de corp, and self discipline are critical to the developmental learning process. In the end, all of what we do at Scotland Campus, is to bring glory to God. Welcome to Scotland Campus.

Soli Deo gloria,

Dr. David Newell, President, Scotland Campus

Campus Welcome from The Office of the Vice President;

The office of the Vice President sincerely welcomes all to explore Scotland Campus, where our history is rich and the future is bright. Scotland Campus has had an evolving past dedicated to education and life-ministry for youths of all ages and backgrounds. These services are more critical now than at any time in recent history and we are excited how the transformation of our campus does and will continue to serve the needs of the world’s future leaders.

Our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and the calling we have received provides the direction for Scotland Campus as we explore the many ways to fulfill our mission to reach and touch lives for God on a global scale. New campus and board leadership that supports the vision have been engaged using their talents and experience to bring about the new Scotland Development Corporation and Scotland Campus Chapel (non-profit) to align our resources to the construct of our campus future.

As the Vice President and CFO, my goal is to ensure our assets are utilized to the fullest extent to support the transformation and evolution of the Scotland Campus physical posture that supports new capabilities for excellence in academics and athletics. We extend the right hand of fellowship to all who desire to participate in reaching new heights for the communities of Scotland, PA and Chambersburg, PA and for the world at large.

In His Service,

Dr. Mitchell L. Johnston, Vice President, CFO Scotland Campus